SITE: The Ivy Chelsea Garden

The brief

Tony Holman MD of Crown Outdoor Ltd approached us to look at the outdoor terrace areas of The Ivy Chelsea Garden Restaurant,  to be part of a large redevelopment to enhance the outdoor space for winter and summer usage.

The aims were to have traditional and realistic fireplaces situated outdoors which can be used all year round but to be incorporated within the new roof system installed at various levels of the garden.

With the technical knowledge of Real Flame and our engineers, bespoke outdoor fires with bespoke flue systems were drawn up with close attention so as not to disrupt the new retractable roof included in the redevelopment.

Due to the popularity of the restaurant, the outdoor gardens could only be closed for a week to complete the entire redevelopment programme which not only included the fires but also included re-levelling of the floors, new roofs, extensive plantations and gas pipework.

Working closely with Crown Outdoor and all other contractors, installation was completed successfully and in time for the re-opening date.

The fires became a huge draw for clients to visit the gardens as well as the restaurant. As a result some months later we were asked again by Crown Outdoor to be involved in phase 2 of the redevelopment by introducing a third gas fire.

The brief was to replace an existing water fountain with a dramatic fire that would be the main attraction, central to the garden.

However, this fire also had to be easily removed to enable the fountain to be reinstated for the summer months. Working closely with Crown Outdoor, a circular fire pit design was agreed in a size that had not been produced before in the UK and certainly not in London.

The fire pit incorporated three separate circular gas burners fixed together to provide a large and dramatic flame.

Added to this were our realistic logs to provide a very realistic flame picture. Once again the gardens could only be closed for a short period of time. Therefore installation had to be executed in the same efficient manner to ensure no delays for re-opening.

“We are extremely proud of the finished result, and it is a testament to the incredible design that we were awarded such an accolade in recognition.”

Louis Boothman – Real Flame Showroom Manager

Our solution

Our passion and dedication to this fantastic project allowed us to be recognised for our design and installation work.

Construction magazine BUILD named us the creators of the Best Commercial Fireplace Project 2016 and awarded us the “Most Creative Company 2016 – Europe“.

We are incredibly proud of our achievements, and beyond thrilled to have been recognised with such a distinguished award, as we were up against remarkable competition.

In Real Flame Showroom manager Louis Boothman’s words: “With a project as unique as The Ivy Garden Chelsea, our team had to use their creativity and innovation to create something truly fitting for such a prestigious venue. We are extremely proud of the finished result, and it is a testament to the incredible design that we were awarded such an accolade in recognition.”

Real Flame’s commitment to providing every client with the best possible services and products has certainly paid off. We don’t intend to stop now, however, as we aim to continue creating innovative and inspiring designs to meet all of our customers’ requirements and needs.