Citizen Solid Fuel Architectural Insert Fire

FROM £3512.00

  KW Flue Dia. Overall W Overall H Overall D Price
Citizen 700-60 7 -10Kw 150/180 mm 815mm 956mm 462mm from £ 3512
Citizen 900-45 9 – 13Kw 150/180 mm 995mm 806mm 462mm from £ 3565
Citizen 900- 60 7 – 15Kw 180 mm 995mm 956mm 462mm from £ 3636
Citizen 1050-45 7 – 13 Kw 180 mm 1165mm 806mm 462mm from £ 3636


         · Handcrafted high-end architectural fireplace

· Convection can be natural or forced with a fan

· Limited depth, 46cm, so perfect for smaller rooms.

· High efficiency, 78%

· Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply for advanced combustion

· Original finish: black wall

· Defra approved.



The CITIZEN, new in the Metalfire range, is a compact wood-burning fireplace with a side-hinged door. It is developed according to the latest regulations, and fit for installations in renovation projects, as well as in new built houses with balanced ventilation and passive houses.


At Metalfire, craftsmanship is our creed. Every day, our vision of extraordinary fireplaces is brought to life by the bare, skilled hands of our craftsmen. It takes as much as eight years for our welders to fully master the independent construction of a Metalfire frame, solely on the basis of a plan of our design team. As a result, every frame bears the personal characteristics of its creator, for a unique appeal that can’t be replicated by automated production processes.