Jide Pure Solid Fuel Insert Fires

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  KW Flue Dia Inset W Inset H Inset D Price
Pure 58 4.5—6 Kw 125 mm 580 mm 470 mm 420 mm TBC
Pure 67 5.5—7 Kw 125 mm 670 mm 510 mm 420 mm TBC
Pure 77 6.5—8Kw 150 mm 770 mm 510 mm 420 mm TBC
Pure 16/9 7—8.5Kw 180 mm 1000 mm 510 mm 470 mm TBC
Pure 70 6.5—8Kw 180 mm 700 mm 700 mm 470 mm TBC


         · Closed combustion 

· Post-combustion

· 2 centrifugal ventilators

· Airstat

· Automatic thermostat

· 3 sided frame as standard.

· Optional manual thermostat

· Optional warm air outlet

· Optional 4 sided frame

· Optional screen lock


With Pure, Jidé comes closer than ever to the purity of a wood fire. Fire as the warm heart of your living space.

The Pure returns to the essence of a stove: burning wood. A minimalist design and large glass panels really put the fire centre stage. The natural smell, the pleasant crackling, the agreeable warmth … with its genuine design, the Pure speaks to all your senses.

Thanks to its streamlined design, the Pure is also easy to install and equally easy to use. And the Pure is an intelligent stove. Its integrated thermostat automatically actually searches for the optimal combustion. But you also have the choice of a hand-controlled air-intake, and screen-printed glass is an option, too.

With Pure, you choose a unique experience of a wood fire.