Jide Decor Solid Fuel Inset Fire

FROM £2790.00


  KW Flue Dia. Overall W Overall H Overall D Price
Décor 70 10 -14Kw 200 mm 700mm 700mm 500mm from £ 2790
Décor 77 11 – 15Kw 200 mm 770mm 510mm 500mm from £ 2790
Décor 77 DF 7 – 11Kw 200 mm 770mm 510mm 585mm from £ 3690
Décor 16/9 12 – 16 Kw 200 mm 1000mm 510mm 500mm from £ 2990
Décor 16/9 DF 10 – 14 Kw 200 mm 1000mm 510mm 585mm from £ 3890

         · Frameless finish is possible.· Door: contemporary design with screen-printed glass.

· Convection can be natural or forced with a fan

· Clean-glass system.

· Vermiculite inside.

· Manual adjustment of the air intake.

· Adjustable legs.

· Ember retainer.

· External air intake is possible for combustion (optional).

· Single baffle.

JIDÉ fireplace insert is a stove to be inserted into an existing or future fireplace. It is made of top quality steel, which allows for fast heat production. The dual convection wall allows for the heated air to be vented out in the room using two fans. JIDÉ fireplace insert also heats your room by radiating through its front side. The inside can be made of vermiculite for better radiation or cast iron for longer heat conservation; this is a matter of personal preference only.

The door comes with a smoke-removing system for a nicer view of the fire. The devices can be combined together through a tube network for warm air to be fed in other rooms.

Choose JIDÉ for sturdiness and durability. The external housings (convection chambers) of JIDE inserts are made of electro-zinc steel (anti-rust treatment). Then they are coated with high-temperature paint.