Urban open effect 3 sided gas fireplaces

FROM £6002.00

  Flue  Overall W H (without gather) Overall D Price
Urban 800-40G3S 250mm 800 mm 400 mm 450 mm From £ 6002
Urban 1050-40G3S 300mm 1050 mm 400 mm 450 mm From £ 6346
Urban 1300-40G3S 300mm 1300 mm 400 mm 450 mm From £ 6582
Urban 1500-40G3S 300mm 1500 mm 400 mm 450 mm From £ 6911
Urban 1900-40G3S 300mm 1900 mm 400 mm 450 mm From £ 7609
Urban 2400-40G3S 300mm 2400 mm 400 mm 450 mm From £ 8518
Urban 1050-600-50 3S 300mm 1050 mm 500 mm 600 mm POR

Design and technology

Metalfire’s gas-burning open fireplaces bring a minimalistic design fitted with an intelligent

protection. They couple taut interior parts and pure lines, without a visible frame, to the comfort of the latest technology: a gas unit with a stone bed comprising lava stones, woodchips or trueto-nature wood logs.

This contemporary three-sided fireplace can actually be enjoyed from three sides of a room. The modern dancing flames twinkles away creating a wonderful ambiance and with its sleek lines, a three-sided Urban fire is an ideal way to break up space and create a seamless division whilst simultaneously creating a wonderful contemporary feature. The Urban is a three sided fireplace, open gas fire but there are also options for completely glass enclosed gas fires if heat output is a priority.