Vouge Solid Fuel Stoves

FROM £1195.00

  Kw Flue exit (dia) Overall W Overall H Overall D Price
Vogue Midi standard 2.5 – 7Kw 125 mm 416 mm 635 mm 358 mm from £ 1195
Vogue Midi with plinth 2.5 – 7Kw 125 mm 416 mm 537 mm 358 mm from £ 1291
Vogue Midi with log 2.5 – 7Kw 125 mm 416 mm 672 mm 358 mm from £ 1361

(Prices shown are for the stove only)


· large window that provides an uninterrupted view

· Cleanburn and Airwash system

· Wood burning

· High efficiency, up to 81%

· Integrated cast iron top plate

· Optional plinth base or midline wood store base

· Defra approved.

· Front or rare flue outlet

The Vogue Midi’s customizable design presents a variety of installation options. Homeowners can opt for either hearth mounted, plinth or Midline installations in order to create the desired look. Both the plinth and Midline log store bases are styled with matching subtle curves that perfectly complement the cast iron door and integral top plate.