About Us


Since 1974, Real Flame have pioneered the development of gas log fires in England and Europe. From small beginnings, Real Flame have quickly grown to become Europe’s largest retailers of Gas Log and Gas Coal Fires. They also export throughout the world.

Real Flame is based at our New Kings Road showroom in London, where it is owned and run by two partners who bought the business in August 2008. Together with a team of experienced specialists, our aim is to listen to the customer, assess the requirements, and then use our expertise and range of available products to help them achieve what they want in their home.

Real Flame has developed from its pioneering beginnings into a “one stop shop” for all fireplaces in London, covering requirements from a bag of coals to complete installations.

The range of Real Flame products has also broadened to include every type of fire available, as you will see from our products pages. Please contact us by any method to see how we can help you achieve what you need.