Is a Gas Fireplace Worth It?

One of the more commonly asked questions surrounding the world of fires is whether a gas fireplace is worth it, especially in a day and age of environmental concern.

There are many options to face as an interior designer or property developer, including the great debate between the various options of fire. All present their own benefits, however in addition to their ease of operation, the humble gas fireplace presents many other benefits you should be aware of before making the final style decision.

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Outdoor Fireplaces: Spruce Up Your Garden for Spring

With spring in full swing and summer on the way, what better time to spruce up your garden than with a beautiful outdoor fireplace? With the weather getting warmer and nicer, spending quality time outside with family and friends is a fantastic idea! After all, your garden is the perfect place to host soirees and delicious barbecues where everyone can gather together to have a good time. Read More

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Which Fireplaces Can Suit London’s Smoke Restriction?

In some areas of the UK’s capital, there is a smoke restriction which means that you may not be able to use certain fireplaces or burn certain fuels within particular areas. While this may limit your options when you are looking for the perfect fireplace for your next project or for your home, this does not mean that you won’t be able to find a suitable option. So, read on to find out more about smoke control and how you can still benefit from a fireplace in the capital without disregarding the wood burning stove ban.

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Your Ultimate Guide: How to Choose a Gas Fire

It’s no surprise that gas fires are incredibly popular options for the home, as they aren’t just practical, but also offer beautiful aesthetics with their combination of traditional and modern design. Gas fires can transform a space with their stylish designs and add a wonderful touch of luxury, so you may want to consider getting one for your home. Read More

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Property Developers: Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Burning Stoves

As a property developer, before setting sail on a project, you probably have many questions.

It’s important to ensure that all features in a property are cost-effective, but also of a high quality, to ensure potential buyers are impressed by the finished product. Everything from planning permission to technical aspects and even interior design factors need to be taken into consideration – with fire installation being a possible feature that many people look for when purchasing a property.

A wood burning stove within a property can not only increase the desirability for those looking to buy a home, but it can even add value as a result.

Are you a property developer? Want your investors to be wowed by your work? Thinking of upping your game with a wood burning stove? These questions and answers may be of help.

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How a Wood Burning Stove Can Turn a House into a Home

There’s nothing more comforting than a real flame glowing from your fire. When a long day is over, being welcomed by the relaxing, warming, and homely wood burning stove makes you feel at ease and tranquillity almost instantly; it’s fair to say that a wood burning stove can turn a house into a home.

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How to Transform a Room with a Wood Burning Stove

Every room needs a focal point, and what better way to achieve this than with a beautiful fireplace? Read More

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The Ultimate Guide to Wood Burning Stoves

A quintessentially English fire – the wood burning stove – is a fire that radiates warmth and cosiness, creating a truly homely ambience.

Their real sense of character makes them the perfect choice for a range of aesthetics, and if you are thinking of becoming the new proud owner of a wood burning stove you’re probably interested in knowing a few essential tips.

From how to light your wood burning stove perfectly, to knowing what type of wood to buy for your fire, Real Flame’s ultimate guide to wood burning stoves below aims to answer all your queries.

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No Chimney? No Problem!

While chimneys have been a big part of British architecture for centuries, many properties now simply don’t have a chimney, especially new builds.

However, as properties evolve, so does technology, and having no chimney is anything but a burden. In fact, it can make for a space saving and stylish alternative to a chimney-based fire.

So, what are your options for adding value or style to a chimney-free home?

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How to Turn Your Restaurant into London’s Go-To Date Venue

While couples may look forward to what’s dubbed to be the most romantic day of the year (Valentine’s Day for those who may have forgotten) as a restaurateur you may also be thinking about date venues and what makes these romantic places not just popular for Valentine’s Day, but all year round.

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