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What Type of Fire is Right for Your Home?

With so many different types of fire to choose from, we understand the struggle to decide what kind of fire and design is correct for your home. First, you need to ask yourself about things like efficiency, output and fuel …

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10 Best Fireplace Design Ideas

Whether you’re looking for showstopping brilliance or functional designs, we’ve curated some of the best designs on the internet to inspire your order for a bespoke fireplace.

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How to Introduce Minimalism in your Outdoor Space

An attractive outdoor space has become increasingly important for home-buyers. They serve as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and an effective outdoor design can make your garden the ultimate place to wind down in …

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Enhance your Décor with GlammFire Bioethanol Burners

Sometimes a room can seem like its missing something, but you can’t quite put your finger on what that piece of the puzzle is. Is it an accessory? Is it perhaps a piece of furniture? Maybe it’s the colour scheme …

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5 Outside Bar Ideas to Impress Your Customers

As the days get longer, and the UK eagerly anticipates lazy afternoons spent in the local bar or restaurant lapping up the sunshine in the outside bar area, here at Real Flame our attention turns towards what exactly it is …

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No Chimney? No Problem!

While chimneys have been a big part of British architecture for centuries, many properties now simply don’t have a chimney, especially new builds. However, as properties evolve, so does technology, and having no chimney is anything but a burden. In …

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Elegant and Stylish Designs for Contemporary Fireplaces

When you are looking for a fireplace, you want it to complement your existing décor and not stand out for all the wrong reasons. Contemporary fires are the perfect match for a modern interior design; they emphasise your already elegant, …

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Top Ways to Boost Your Business with an Outdoor Fireplace

A business can truly benefit from having an outdoor fireplace, enhancing the atmosphere and creating a space which can be enjoyed by all. Not only can you make visitors to your establishment feel cosy and comfortable but you can also …

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London Trends and Your Fire

London is typically a city in which designers and architects showcase their inspirations to the world and, during the London Design Week this past March, a few trends inspired by nature were highlighted. You can easily incorporate these trends into …

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Vintage Trends In Your Business

Even though we now find ourselves in 2017, many vintage trends are still as popular as ever. Not just in industries such as fashion and film, but also in interior design. Designers and engineers alike are breathing new life into …

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