Corner Fireplace Ideas

We have created and installed a range of welcoming fireplaces, collaborating with our customers to fully meet their requests. In this blog, we’re looking to share some inspiration with you by considering some of the designs and styles used by individuals across the world.

We will be focusing on themes that are cosy, stylish and functional, asking questions such as where it can go, where the television should go in respect to the fireplace, and what kinds of decorations look good around a corner fireplace.

Real Flame Gazco corner fire

A Gazco Corner Fire

Corner Fireplace Ideas

One of the best positions for a corner fireplace is – as one might expect – in the corner of a room, and many people do opt for this placement in their home design. Whilst this isn’t your only option, there are clear space-saving advantages and it appreciates that the modern household will want their TV to be at the centre of attention, so the corner is the new home for the fire in many homes.

Cosy Corners

To make the most of your fire, you want to have the ability to stretch out beside it and soak up the heat. This desire has been incorporated into the design of many corner fires by adding a ledge that you, your children or your guests can use to sit right beside the fire.

In the image below, guests would have to mind their heads of the TV embedded in the wall above the seating ledge. On the other hand, the space could be used for ornamentation during festive periods.

Below, we show you a very similar example where moving the television screen across by a few feet and adding a sheepskin rug can open that ledge up to have a more functional use in the home. We can help you to consider these possibilities when you purchase a fireplace installation with us. All you need now is a good book to curl up with.

This corner fire has been brought into the centre of the room, but it has truly put the emphasis on cosy living standards. The plush seating arrangements either side of the chimney appear to be the best seats in the room.

Similarly, the interior design in the image below has been exceptionally well-curated. It mixes the natural theme of wood panelling with carefully cut shapes placed against modern deep and rich block colour zones. The geometric shapes on the cushions also add an aspect of contemporary interior design trend awareness. These elements could easily have clashed, but this interior has clearly been thoughtfully planned to create a very cohesive, stylish and cosy environment.

Gazco, one of our suppliers, also has a few ideas about how to successfully style your home with a corner fireplace. With careful planning and styling, you can really bring out the colours of your home, especially if you’re using the colours of a fire to accent your interior design.

Reflex Real Flame

A Gazco Reflex Fire

Open Plan

If you’re working with an open plan area, a corner fire could work very well for breaking up your space and adding some unique style. In the image below, you can see how a brilliant fire can bring light and warmth to an interior that uses quite cold and neutral colours.

Here’s another example where a bright and toasty fire adds a lot of life and colour to a room that might look empty without it:

MetalFire are another of our suppliers who can provide you with a stylish corner fire such as the one featured in the image below. The dark colours surrounding this fireplace give the room a very earthy and homely feel, but the clean cut corners tell guests that this home is more modern than rustic.

A Real Flame Corner Fireplace

Below is an image of one of our own corner fireplace installations. This fireplace has been installed in a central location in the room so that there is a lot of space for guests to sit close to the heat. You may want to consider where in your own home you could install a fireplace like this one – would you choose a snug corner in your living room, or would you build this fire into a wall so it can be seen as the divide between two spaces?

a real flame installed corner fireplace

A Real Flame Corner Fireplace

A corner fireplace is the height of modern interior fashion but figuring out how to implement one requires careful planning and a little innovation. Luckily for you, we offer a free estimate for the costs related to fireplace installation in London, which includes our personal recommendations for the best products to suit your home.

You should contact us as early as possible in your planning stage, preferably before you contact your builders if you’re working on a home renovation. You can read more about our process in our blog: When Do I Need to Plan the Fireplace?

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