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Romantic Fireplace Ideas

The idea of a fireplace is often considered quite romantic; it conjures up ideas of sitting in front of the flames with a loved one in a warm, cosy and comfortable atmosphere. We understand why fires are loved by so …

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2020 Decorating Trends

Understanding how your fireplace will directly interact with 2020’s interior design trends may help you to choose a new fireplace for your home. To help inspire you, we’re discussing the best trends of 2020 and recommending some fireplaces to compliment …

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Delightful Inspiration for Your Minimalist Fireplace

As the winter season is edging closer, more of us are getting into the habit and routine of using our fireplace appliance to spread warmth throughout your building. Whether it’s for commercial or domestic use, minimalist fireplaces are a great …

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What are the Benefits of Fireplace Accessories? (Part 2)

In Part 1, we’ve mentioned a couple of benefits of having fireplace accessories, such as safety and style. In this second part, we talk about the other benefits, which help to tie your fireplace together with your interior design. High-quality …

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Vintage Trends In Your Business

Even though we now find ourselves in 2017, many vintage trends are still as popular as ever. Not just in industries such as fashion and film, but also in interior design. Designers and engineers alike are breathing new life into …

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How to Decorate Your Fireplace: Real Flame Masterclass

So, you’re having a fireplace installed for your current project or own home, but you may have some conflicting ideas about how to really bring it to life. You may be able to see how the whole room will come …

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Autumn Fireplace: Warm Mantel Ideas

With the cooler weather fast approaching, having a warm fireplace in your home becomes essential –  and what’s better than a seasonally decorated mantel? Garlands and wreaths make beautiful pieces of décor, filling your room with festive colours.

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The Perfect Focal Point

People are drawn to flames. The lulling, calming nature of the flickering heat is universally attractive to many people. That is why a fire inside or out can be the focal point in any home or establishment – an outdoor …

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Not Just a Pretty Flame

Once upon a time, in the dark days before central heating, a fireplace was an essential feature of every room. Without it, you’d be shivering; so they became focal points in our homes, the place where we’d gather to get …

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Our Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

The best thing (in our opinion at least) about the Christmas period is that the fire is almost constantly on in your home. With the flames roaring from your fire or wood burning stove, it’s quite difficult to tear yourself …

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