Minimalist Fires & Fireplaces

A minimalist fireplace provides you with all the luxury and elegance of having a fireplace, without compromising on the available space in the room. Ideal for homes that lack the space for a fireplace, or if you just want to save space in the room; a minimalist fire is a sleek, modern and extremely popular focal point.

Here at RealFlame we offer stunning options whether you are looking for an Open Fronted Gas Fire or whether you are looking for the optimimum effeciency of a Glass Fronted Gas Fire. 

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Our minimalist fire range is perfect for the modern home. The state of the art technology in combination with the classic traditionalism of the fireplace work together to produce an attractive centrepiece with roots in both the old world and the new. For those seeking a striking, eye-catching and elegant fire, our minimalist fires are the perfect answer. For unbeatable quality and unparalleled style, RealFlame is the first, and only, name in fireplaces.

Real Flame Minimalist Fires