Hole in the wall fires immediately add a touch of modern elegance to a room; the sleek abstract frames are designed to give an uncompromising contemporary style to any interior. One of the most notable attractions to hole in the wall fires is the space saved. By having a fire set back into a wall, the room is opened up; any living space instantly appears more spacious by the conventional shape of the fire. The clean, slick design of the fire has been extremely popular in recent years as the contemporary design has swept throughout homes across the nation. Hole in the wall fires have been recognized as an innovative, almost artistic statement piece in any home.

Create a Talking Piont with Hole In The Wall Fires

Fire places built into the wall are an essential piece of any modern home. The fireplace almost creates an optical illusion, and the design denotes a certain sense of mystery. The hole in the wall fire serves two ingenious purposes, the first as a secondary source of heat, but also as a fascinating feature to have in one’s home. This state-of-the art technology exudes a notion of elegance and wealth; the fireplace itself looks incredible in a darkened room, a particularly striking piece. A hole in the wall fire is an essential accessory for those seeking a touch of class for their home.

Available in a range of different styles and colours, including our selection of hole in the wall gas fires, you will inevitably find the right look to suit you and your home. Real flame has been established for almost four decades and our experience and knowledge is truly reflected in our work.

Hole In The Wall Fires from Real Flame

Real Flame specialise in supplying unique bespoke ‘Hole in the wall’ fireplaces to our customer’s specific design. A typical requirement may be for a fireplace lined with limestone, with a recessed burner in the hearth. The hearth may be in brushed steel, or natural stone and the burner covered with heat refractory pebbles, logs or coals.
Although in most cases an existing solid fuel flue will be sufficient for this type of fireplace, we have particular expertise in supplying and fitting new flues with or without fans where they are required.

Real Flame Hole In The Wall Fireplaces