Convector Gas Fires – The Most Realistic Gas Fires Available

Convector gas fires are ideal if you wish to combine tradition with modern design and functionality, and therefore, are one of the most popular types of modern and realistic gas fireplaces available on the market today. They utilise existing traditional fireplace space within your home and have the appearance of a traditional and authentic open fire, but with significantly greater efficiency. Coming with a wide range of options, convector gas fires are available with a stunning and realistic flame effect and act as a truly incredible focal point to any room.

You can rest assured that our convector gas fires are built with our valued customers in mind, which means you are guaranteed to have the cosiest house, even on winter’s coldest evenings.

Efficient & Modern Convector Gas Fire Designs

The effectiveness of convector gas fires is achieved by the use of a system which guides the flow of cool air from the room, underneath the fire, which is then naturally drawn through a convector system around the fireplace, and out of the top as warm air. The end result of this process means that a room is efficiently and effectively heated in a short period of time; not only this, but you will find that the heat is spread evenly around the room, rather than being centred around the fireplace itself. 

Our convector fires are available in 2 distinct styles; modern glass fronted and more traditional open effect fires both of which can bring a touch of style and character to any room. Regardless of the look you are trying to achieve in your home, our range of convector gas fires are suitable for every existing interior you could imagine.

Glass fronted convector gas fires are an ideal feature if you are looking to achieve a modern look in your home, and can form the main focal point of any space. This type of realistic gas fireplace is extremely efficient, and is suitable for use in a family space, without compromising on exquisite and minimalist modern design.

Our ranges of convector gas fires ensure that both practicality and design are maximised, providing you an attractive, family friendly and realistic gas fireplace. You could be forgiven for thinking that the endless amount of benefits that convector gas fires provide mean they will be extremely expensive; thankfully this simply isn’t the case. You can enjoy highly-realistic flame effects and a wide choice of stunning frame options which will seamlessly fit in with your current interior style, all while staying well within your budget.

Order Convector Gas Fires from Real Flame of London

If you are looking for a traditional open fire style, but want to maintain a modern aesthetic, we would suggest opting for one of our efficient open effect convector gas fires. Alternatively if you are conscious about your family’s safety but are keen on installing a fireplace with a stunning aesthetic, our range of glass fronted convector gas fires could be perfect for you. They are one of the most efficient types of modern fires available and come in a range of contemporary finishes including polished and stainless steel effects.

Feel free to get in touch with our team of fireplace experts if you are interested in finding out more about any of the fires you have seen on our website today. You can also use our handy online enquiry form,  Alternatively, if you're looking for gas fires in London, why not come and see us in store, where our staff would be more than happy to give you more in-depth information on any fire’s you are interested in installing into your home.

Convector Gas Fires