Real Flame provide superb firedogs for London-based customers. Firedogs (sometimes referred to as “andirons”) support the wood when it’s burning within a fireplace, as a fire burning on the hearth does not always possess the required elevation to ensure a steady and long-lasting flame. Firedogs also enable a larger fire, and make adjustments to the size of this fire possible via moving the two parts of the firedog closer or nearer to each other. However, despite this utility, they are far from just functional items, being a great way to make a memorable statement with regards to interior design and aesthetics as well.

Our collection includes various designs of firedog made from brass, steel, cast iron and more, and they’re available in many different forms, such as pinnacle, barley twist, ball head and spherical shapes, to name just a few of the available options, and they can be chosen with finishes like black or polished hues to meet even more preferences. Real Flame’s firedogs fall into various price brackets to suit your needs, and you can view full details on our website for each and every product to help you decide which one matches with your requirements (or the décor of your home or commercial premises).

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