Bio-Ethanol Fires

GlammFire have pioneered the creation of stunning Bio-ethanol burners designed especially for the modern home, both indoors and outdoors.  Their extensive range includes clean burning fireboxes and grates with a beautiful dancing flame, fuelled entirely by Bio-ethanol – a liquid fuel that doesn’t produce smoke when burned.

Bio-ethanol differs from ordinary fuel in that it’s completely composed of biological products, e.g. the sugar and starch components of plant by-products. Since its combustion gives off a clean emission and it’s infinitely renewable, Bio-ethanol fires make sense from an ecological as well as economic perspective. You can enjoy a stunning open fire more easily than ever before, even in a high rise building, terrace or garden!

GlammFire also produce bespoke ‘fire furniture’ for clients who desire a unique yet contemporary look for their home or workplace. Since they don’t produce smoke or soot, their fireplaces don’t require cleaning or even a chimney; the innovative design means heat can spread evenly throughout a room without energy being lost.