Bio-Ethanol Fires

Bio-ethanol differs from ordinary fuel in that it’s completely composed of biological products, e.g. the sugar and starch components of plant by-products. Since its combustion gives off a clean emission and it’s infinitely renewable, Bio-ethanol fires make sense from an ecological as well as economic perspective. You can enjoy a stunning open fire more easily than ever before, even in a high rise building, terrace or garden!

With Smartfire's decade long history in being the leading supplier of providing Bio-Ethanol products from around the world to the UK market there is no wonder that they have now been able to perfect the manual Bio Ethanol burners design with their new in-house range of burners called The Pure and The Adapt. 

Manual burners built with the highest materials following a simple and rugged design to enabling great heat, flame pattern and control which can be installed in all settings. 

Utilising their AEVB technology, neverdark have created a range that encompasses two styles of linear burners, four freestanding models and their revolutionary volumetric fire, The Chalet, giving the most realistic flame of any Bio-Ethanol Fire on the market. 

Outside of the ground breaking Chalet range neverdark offer fantastic linear flame burners following their clean minamilist design with their Firetec and Automatic range.

GlammFire have pioneered the creation of stunning Bio-ethanol burners designed especially for the modern home, both indoors and outdoors.  Their extensive range includes clean burning fireboxes and grates with a beautiful dancing flame, fuelled entirely by Bio-ethanol – a liquid fuel that doesn’t produce smoke or any other harmful emissions when burned.