Choosing a fire is as much about choosing the insert as it is the fire itself. Real Flame fires have gorgeous natural looking flames which will lighten up any room but just as important are the surrounds and inserts that you choose to adorn the fire. Real Flame cater for all tastes with designs firmly rooted in both the traditional and the modern.

Fireplace Inserts to Suit Your Aesthetic

A gas fire can look wonderful in any home and with inserts to match any decorative style, there is no reason to hesitate. Our cast iron inserts come in a variety of styles, ranging from Victorian-inspired designs to modern interpretations of the form. A cast iron fireplace will give any room a dignified and elegant air, carrying with it the style of years gone by into our modern lives. The Birkbeck style, for example, looks simply stunning in a dining room or lounge with its juxtaposition of complementary materials.

For fans of minimalism, our sleek modern fascias provide a wonderful alternative to the more decorative styles. This kind of insert looks marvellous in a modern property where a more streamlined effect is desired. With steel, black, polished and unpolished options, there is a fascia to suit any of our gas fires. A fascia allows you to insert an inset gas fire which isn’t possible with a cast iron insert where a freestanding gas burner is installed. Likewise, consider the range of register grates we have to see how our designs can suit you.

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Our interior panels can be herringbone, cast iron or in a variety of different brick styles. When it comes to details, Real Flame has all of the options you need to make sure your fire presents a coherent and attractive image, perfectly in harmony with the style of your home.

Fireplace Inserts