Chimney Sweep Service & Chimney Testing

Chimney Sweeping & Testing

You’ll often find that when a chimney has been out of action for an extended amount of time, it’ll definitely be in need of a good clean. Before thinking about installing a fire into your home, your chimney will need to be properly maintained. This involves sweeping and testing the area to make sure it’s safe to use.

We offer a fantastic chimney sweep service in which we arrange for a qualified and experienced chimney sweep to come out and sweep, test and certify your chimney. This will take place before any fire is installed into your home. You can sit back and relax whilst our expert checks your chimney for any potential issues.

A Healthy Chimney Means a Healthy House 

It’s essential to have your chimney swept and tested regularly. This is to check for any problems, such as obstructions and blockages, which could be affecting the health of your chimney. The sweeping process ensures that there isn’t a risk of dangerous gas emissions in your home, such as carbon monoxide. It also helps to put a stop to chimney fires by reducing the amount of flammable creosote.

Our chimney experts will also test the area for any leaks that could be allowing smoke to enter your home. They will check to make sure that smoke is leaving the chimney exactly as it should be.

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Don’t take a gamble with the health of your chimney; contact us today for a full chimney inspection. Our sweep and test service guarantees that your chimney will be in top condition when it comes to installing your brand new fire. Our chimney services are carried out without any mess, so you can be happy knowing your house will be left exactly as they found it.

If any problems are detected, we’ll happily talk these through with you, giving you all the necessary advice needed for getting it fixed before it gets any worse.

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