Our Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

The best thing (in our opinion at least) about the Christmas period is that the fire is almost constantly on in your home. With the flames roaring from your fire or wood burning stove, it’s quite difficult to tear yourself away from the warm comfort of your home to go out into the (increasingly) cold outdoors.

However, there’s only one way that we could possibly enjoy our fires even more- having and utilising the best fire accessories available! Not only are they incredibly useful, they can add a rustic touch to your home’s interior décor, too!

So, what are our favourite accessories for our fireplaces and wood burning stoves?

Fireguards and  Screens

Any type of working fireplace should have a fireguard or a screen, simply because of the safety aspect that they provide.

Unless the fireplace has a glass front that can keep the fire contained within the fire surround, it is important to protect the areas around your fire from stray sparks or embers falling to the ground and cause a fire in your home.

However, as serious as their function is, there are some beautiful fireguards and screen options that you can use to match the interior of your home. Long gone are the days of the huge, clunky fireguards, here come the more elegant, stylish versions!


If you have a real fire or wood burner, you’ll know how disheartening it can be when you see the flame in your fire start to wane and go out.

Rather than relight it and waste more new fuel, why not invest in a handheld bellow to give the fire a blast of air to get it going again! This not only saves you having to spend more time re-lighting your fire and possible getting ash all over your home, but they also look great stood next to your fireplace to give your home a more traditional feel!

Pokers and Tongs

Although these aren’t hugely glamorous, they are still accessories that we would recommend to anyone who has a real fire or wood burner.

Pokers are the long, metal rods that allow the coals or wood logs to be pokes and prodded safely to keep the fire going. They are incredibly useful as they allow the fire to stay lit and warm for longer… and you will look extremely sophisticated while stoking your fire!

Tongs are a great accessory which allow you to add new fuel to your fire without putting yourself at risk of a nasty burn. You can safely and effectively move the fuel around your fire to ensure that it is safely stacked and not at risk of falling from the fireplace!

Many people don’t realise the benefits that come along with investing in a range of accessories for their fireplaces. Not only does it allow you to make the most of your fireplace, but it also gives your room a more homely, rustic feel to it!

If you are looking to find wonderfully warming wood burning stoves in London, then look no further than Real Flame. We have a wide range of stoves, accessories and fireplaces to choose from, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on any of our products that you are interested in. Call us on  0207 731 5025 and have a chat to one of our friendly staff members today!

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