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The Growth of the Electronic Fireplace Market

The Electronic Fireplace has increased in popularity over the years, and this popularity only looks set to continue. The added benefits mean that more people are opting for electric over traditional gas fires.

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How a Wood Burning Stove Can Turn a House into a Home

There’s nothing more comforting than a real flame glowing from your fire. When a long day is over, being welcomed by the relaxing, warming, and homely wood burning stove makes you feel at ease and tranquillity almost instantly; it’s fair …

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The Ultimate Guide to Wood Burning Stoves

A quintessentially English fire – the wood burning stove – is a fire that radiates warmth and cosiness, creating a truly homely ambience. Their real sense of character makes them the perfect choice for a range of aesthetics, and if …

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No Chimney? No Problem!

While chimneys have been a big part of British architecture for centuries, many properties now simply don’t have a chimney, especially new builds. However, as properties evolve, so does technology, and having no chimney is anything but a burden. In …

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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Stoves

Fireplace technology has changed dramatically over the years and, with so many options to choose from, the choice can seem daunting. When it comes to electric stoves, they can not only provide a stunning interior design addition to your home, …

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Safety Considerations When Installing a Fire

Safety is always the main concern when it comes to fires. Whether you live in a household alone, or with family, it is always better to be safe than sorry. And when it comes to the variety of different fire …

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Wood vs Bio Ethanol Fires

A great number of people enjoy watching flames dancing in a fireplace, as they find it relaxing and soothing. However, they might find it challenging to choose the type of fire they want in their home, as there are many …

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Not Just a Pretty Flame

Once upon a time, in the dark days before central heating, a fireplace was an essential feature of every room. Without it, you’d be shivering; so they became focal points in our homes, the place where we’d gather to get …

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Wishing You a Very Warm Winter!

Is it just us or has Christmas come around a little too fast this year? We all knew the festive holiday was upon us and yet it hasn’t been until this past week that we’ve seen an abundance of shoppers …

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5 Facts About the Art of the Chimney Sweep

Santa Claus is probably the best form of chimney sweep that exists as he gives our chimneys a regular clean out by squeezing his rotund physique down the flue each year. But have you ever thought why tradition says that …

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