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Wishing You a Very Warm Winter!

Is it just us or has Christmas come around a little too fast this year? We all knew the festive holiday was upon us and yet it hasn’t been until this past week that we’ve seen an abundance of shoppers …

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Santa’s Little Fireplace: Converted Fire Grates

  So it may only be November, but as the winter months draw on, it’s hard not to get out your pen and notebook and write down a list for Santa to bring to you this Christmas. Luckily, however, you …

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What Does Your Fireplace Say About You?

We all know that we decorate and accessorise our homes to our own particular fancies. What colour we choose to paint our walls in and how we artistically space out our furniture says a lot about us, whether we’re a …

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Take it to the Screen: Magical Film and TV Fireplaces (Part One)

  Specialising in delivering you unique, elegant and effective gas stoves in London may be one of our greatest loves, but it’s been made clear we aren’t the only ones who adore the magic of a good fireplace.

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Inserting a Little Light into Your Life

Choosing the right fireplace for your home is a fun and important task. There are so many different types of fireplaces on the market now that it can take you a while to sum up the pros and cons of …

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