Take it to the Screen: Magical Film and TV Fireplaces (Part One)


Specialising in delivering you unique, elegant and effective gas stoves in London may be one of our greatest loves, but it’s been made clear we aren’t the only ones who adore the magic of a good fireplace.

Fireplaces have been featured in the TV and film industry since Hollywood’s first appearance in the Angel City and it’s clear to see why. Caressing us with connotations of a warm, welcoming and magical homely feature, our main source of entertainment has shaped the way we think of fires, and the hidden secrets they could hide.


Dark Shadows

The 2012 vampire movie Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp as the male protagonist, Barnabas Collins, is set in a stunning, old house in the 1972. In this film, the fireplace acts as a secret passageway into an underground treasure trove built by the founder, Collins’ father.

The ornate fireplace adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to our favourite warming feature. Those old fire chimneys you’ve blocked up or covered with a modern, stylish electric fireplace in front of the hole leave a lot of mystery to the imagination.



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Since the innovative Floo Powder graced our cinema screens how many times have you really wanted to travel by chimney? The magic of the fireplace is brought to life in The Chamber of Secrets as one of the fastest ways to travel.

Perhaps the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins knew of this little trick, at the beginning of ‘Step in Time’ they spring out of those chimneys as if by magic!


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

We talk about flames dancing all the time. Their fluidity has inspired people throughout the centuries, it’s lulled them to sleep on frosty evenings and influenced songs and dance routines the world around. In Disney’s 1996 cartoon the villain, Frollo, sees the flames mimicking Esmerelda as she dances. Seeing images in the fire isn’t just particular to Disney, Citizen Kane also shows instances of illusion.


The beloved British TV show, Doctor Who also brings up the idea of seeing somebody inside a fireplace… however we don’t suppose it’s everyday our homely fireplaces are turned into a two way time travelling window!

We may not be able to guarantee a trip to Diagon Alley or a hidden fortune behind your chimney, but we can guarantee quality gas, wood and electrical stoves and fireplaces for your home. If you’d like to know more about what we can offer you, contact us today on 0207 731 5025 and our professional, magical staff will be happy to help you.

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