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Bio Ethanol Fires Explained: Manual Burners

With the increase popularity of Bio Ethanol Fires over the last decade it can be confusing to understand the differences of the many models now available. With this expansion in products available and with the current lack of inclusion in …

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Gas Fireplace Safety

Gas fires are a beautiful feature in your home and a great heat source, but it’s also essential to be aware of the safety concerns. We’ve put together a concise overview of the potential dangers of a gas fire, as …

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Which Fireplaces Can Suit London’s Smoke-Free Restriction

In some areas of the UK’s capital, there are smoke restriction rules, which means you may not use specific fireplaces or burn certain fuels within particular regions. However, while you may think this limits your options when looking for the …

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Romantic Fireplace Ideas

The idea of a fireplace is often considered quite romantic; it conjures up ideas of sitting in front of the flames with a loved one in a warm, cosy and comfortable atmosphere. We understand why fires are loved by so …

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6 Distinctive Eras for Fireplaces

In this blog, we will discuss fireplace trends throughout the ages, discussing how Real Flame can incorporate a modern fire into a classic fireplace. We’ll discuss popular and distinctive eras for fireplaces such as Georgian, Victorian and Modern.

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2020 Decorating Trends

Understanding how your fireplace will directly interact with 2020’s interior design trends may help you to choose a new fireplace for your home. To help inspire you, we’re discussing the best trends of 2020 and recommending some fireplaces to compliment …

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When Do I Need to Plan the Fireplace?

We experience a great deal of customers coming to us too late in the process, often at a time where builders have already proceeded in incorrect preparations and/or incorrect advice. But do you know at what stage you should be …

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The Importance of the Fireplace

In recent years, it’s fair to say that many home and business owners seem to have forgotten just how important fireplaces can be to the entire feel of a room. With the ability to completely transform a room’s existing interior …

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Family Fireplace Safety – Is My Fireplace Safe to Use?

When it comes to keeping your family safe around fires, there is no room for compromise. Whilst great strides have been made in ensuring the safety of fires, there will always be an element of danger where a naked flame …

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Bespoke Fireplace Designs – The Real Flame Experience

When it comes to installing the perfect fireplace within your home, in some cases it can be a challenge to find a fireplace with the right aesthetics, that is available in the dimensions you require. This doesn’t have to be …

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