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10 Best Fireplace Design Ideas

Whether you’re looking for showstopping brilliance or functional designs, we’ve curated some of the best designs on the internet to inspire your order for a bespoke fireplace.

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Is a Gas Fireplace Worth It?

One of the more commonly asked questions about fires is whether a gas fireplace is worth it, especially in a day and age of environmental concerns. There are many options facing interior designers and property developers, including the great debate …

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Is Your Fireplace Winter Ready?

With the winter month fast approaching, it’s a good idea to ensure that your fireplace is in good working order. However, after being dormant for at least half a year, it’s hard to tell what condition you might find it …

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Property Developers: Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Burning Stoves

As a property developer, before setting sail on a project, you probably have many questions. It’s important to ensure that all features in a property are cost-effective, but also of a high quality, to ensure potential buyers are impressed by …

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The Ultimate Guide to Wood Burning Stoves

A quintessentially English fire – the wood burning stove – is a fire that radiates warmth and cosiness, creating a truly homely ambience. Their real sense of character makes them the perfect choice for a range of aesthetics, and if …

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No Chimney? No Problem!

While chimneys have been a big part of British architecture for centuries, many properties now simply don’t have a chimney, especially new builds. However, as properties evolve, so does technology, and having no chimney is anything but a burden. In …

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Essential Fire Maintenance To-Do List Ahead of Winter

Winter is just around the corner and, with temperatures dropping more and more, ensuring that your fire will be ready for the upcoming season is crucial. Regular maintenance is recommended and should never be underestimated, seeing as there are many …

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Embrace Scandi Style for a Cosy Christmas

Christmas is headed our way and at Real Flame, we can’t wait. It is easily one of the cosiest times of the year. The dark nights are upon us, the temperature is dropping, we’re all wrapped up in our hats …

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Is Now the Perfect Time for a Fire Service?

It can be tempting to put off having your fire serviced if it appears to be working with no real problems. But having a relaxed approach to getting your fire serviced can cause more problems in the long run.

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Top Ways to Boost Your Business with an Outdoor Fireplace

A business can truly benefit from having an outdoor fireplace, enhancing the atmosphere and creating a space which can be enjoyed by all. Not only can you make visitors to your establishment feel cosy and comfortable but you can also …

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