The Perfect Focal Point

People are drawn to flames. The lulling, calming nature of the flickering heat is universally attractive to many people. That is why a fire inside or out can be the focal point in any home or establishment – an outdoor seating area with a warming centre can be the most attractive part of a venue in fact.

What makes a fireplace such an amazing communal space?



On a cold night, people are often forced indoors. At a party or public venue, this isn’t ideal; people don’t want to be cooped up indoors for the duration of the event. So, a warm fire is the perfect solution in order to draw people out for a lively communal space. This is especially true at venues with patios specifically for smokers. A lot of people do not want to smoke in the cold, so an area that is covered but also offers a warming element is a great solution in order to cater people who wish to go outside.



A fire can offer the most comfortable and cosy space, both in a home and outside. Offering a supply of blankets, pillows and soft upholstery is also a perfect way to make people feel right at home no matter where they are. Premier couches or comfortable patio furniture should be used to create a comfortable seating area. This is also an ideal eating area if the appropriate tables are provided for a one of a kind dining experience – perfect for a warm summer barbecue or a light summer meal.



Evenings can be dark and spell the end of an evening of fun. However, outdoor lighting and a fire can create a bright space that feels just as warm and inviting during the night as it does in the daytime. A bright, light, area is the perfect solution to keep the night going long after the sun has set. This also provides more intimate mood lighting. A spotlight makes a place feel clinical and not at all comfortable; a place with gentle and natural light from the fire is the best way to create a friendlier atmosphere. Creating a space that can be enjoyed by a multitude of people in a relaxing setting.

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