Bio Ethanol Fires

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To view the complete range please visit the EcoSmart website.  We have now been selling and installing EcoSmart fires very successfully for four years for our retail and commercial clients as well as providing the fuel that they use.

Bio-ethanol Fires & Burners from EcoSmart 

Ecosmartfire have pioneered the creation of stunning Bio-ethanol burners designed especially for the modern home, both indoors and outdoors.  Their extensive range includes clean burning fireboxes and grates with a beautiful dancing flame, fuelled entirely by Bio-ethanol – a liquid fuel that doesn’t produce smoke when burned.

Bio-ethanol differs from ordinary fuel in that it’s completely composed of biological products, e.g. the sugar and starch components of plant by-products. Since its combustion gives off a clean emission and it’s infinitely renewable, Bio-ethanol fires make sense from an ecological as well as economic perspective. You can enjoy a stunning open fire more easily than ever before, even in a high rise building, terrace or garden!

Ecosmartfire also produce bespoke ‘fire furniture’ for clients who desire a unique yet contemporary look for their home or workplace. Since they don’t produce smoke or soot, their fireplaces don’t require cleaning or even a chimney; the innovative design means heat can spread evenly throughout a room without energy being lost.

Browse EcoSmart Bio-ethanol Fires Available from Real Flame

Rather than attempt to show all EcoSmart products on this website, we recommend that you click on the link to the EcoSmart website where you will be amazed at what we can offer. Real Flame has many of the products as working displays in the showrooms and more in the Smart Fire Studio in the same building.  We invite you to come and see for yourself what fire you can have and what can be done without a flue, gas or electricity