Terra balanced flue fires

FROM £4152.00


  Efficiency % Overall W Overall H Overall D Price
Terra 70 85 % 770 mm 916 mm 420 mm From  £ 3300
Terra 100 87.5 % 1195 mm 916 mm 420 mm From £ 4152
Terra 150 85.7 % 1622 mm 916 mm 420 mm From £ 4860

No shortage of comfort with Terra. A simple remote control unit, an easy-to-program room thermostat, silent and invisible ventilators ... And, of course, Terra guarantees excellent efficiency (more than 87% and the most efficient combustion technology on the market), sustainable materials and extremely safe technology.With the Terra gas fire, FLAM is aiming at minimalistic design accented by seamless integration in the surface of the wall. The visible firebox space can be decorated according to your individual preferences and your interior. FLAM makes this built-in fire in various models (front, corner, three-sided), including an XL, 150 cm version for an even greater flame spectacle!