21″ Luxury High Definition Charred Log Set

FROM £250.00

Of all the products in the gas fireplace industry, logs have undoubtedly undergone the greatest development. Real Flame is at the forefront in providing with the most realistic and true-to-life logs for gas fires, gel and bio-alcohol fires and electric fireplaces.

Our Log Sets are renowned for being the most realistic logs on ther market. Hand painted and made from the highest quality ceramic materials provide a rich glow from your fire. Compliment the logs with a small number of coals for the most realisitc effect, further images are shown on this page to provide you examples. 


To suit in a 21” Firegrate (10pieces)


  Average Length Average Width
1x Extra Large Logs 480mm 120mm
4x Large Logs 320mm 90mm
2x Medium Logs 280mm 60mm
3x Small Logs 210mm 40mm