Outdoor Manual Gas Burner

Our Outdoor Gas Burner range offer a fantastic flame picture with the reliability of a robust Manual Control. 

Throughout our experiance we have worked with many manufactures who provide Remote Control fires for the Outdoor Enviroment however with the climate in the UK we've found reliability to be an issue. Therefore we strongly recommend that a Manual solution is the best solution to provide you a fantastic fire with a simple control system that can put up with our often wet weather! 

Available for Natural Gas or LPG. 

Depending on the final design it is even possible to use our famously realistic log sets. 

Our Burners come in a range of sensible shapes and sizes that enable us to create truely original Outdoor Fireplaces, we've selected a handful of images here to show what is possible.

Please do enquire and we will be more than happy to provide you a quotation.


Gas Type Natural Gas G20 Methane LPG G21 Propane LPG G30 Butane
Appliance Category  I2H  I3+  I3+
Supply Pressure 20 mbar 37mbar 28-30 mbar
Heat Input 11.5 kW - 18 kW 9kW - 18kW 9kW - 18kW
Maxmum Flow Rate 1.7 m3/hr 1.3 kg/hr 1.3 kg/hr