The Stone Henge

FROM £1300.00

Unadored, secure, abiding. Inspired by the druidic standing stones of Stonehenge and Avebury, The Stone Henge is self assured in its timeless simplicity. Its clean lines and unfussy construction complement interiors where minimum design and ornamentation prevail.

With ample stone surface area The Stone Henge enables the option of more interesting stone choices, introducing heavier veined Marbles without conflicting with the overall design of the Mantel. Equally The Stone Henge looks fantastic in the more simplier Limestone and Marbles. 

For a slightly more detailed option, see The Broadway for an alternative. 

As with all of our stone Mantels we fabricate this design to order, enabling us to be able to create smaller & larger versions as well as in a variety of different materials. 



  Shelf Length: W: H: Opening H: Opening W: Shelf Depth
Stonehenge 1150mm 1150mm 1016mm 813mm 744mm 102mm


Finish Options:

Branco Cabucco Limestone   
New Cream Limestone  
Bianco Carrara Marble