The Hotbox

FROM £540.00


  W: H: D:  
Profile frame 522mm 620mm 175mm from £599
Flat frame 516mm 607mm 175mm from £540
Arc trim 690mm 670mm 175mm from £965
Hole in the wall version 516mm 665mm 175mm from £975


Finish Options:

Contemporary trim, lacquered brushed stainless, (as shown)
Contemporary trim, satin black
Contemporary trim, polished stainless
Contemporary trim, holographic black
Contemporary trim, antique gold
Contemporary trim, gun metal
3 Sided flat frame, brushed stainless
3 Sided flat frame, satin black
3 Sided flat frame, brass
3 Sided profiled frame, satin steel effect
3 Sided profiled frame, chrome effect
3 Sided profiled frame, textured black, (as shown)
3 Sided profiled frame, brass effect


Outer frame finishes (for Hole in the wall version)

Holographic Black
Marfil stone
Gun metal


Prices shwon for the gas fire only.