Top Interior Trends for Winter 17/18

With the colder months on their way, the time to embrace the colours of the season is here. With a stunning and warm fireplace in your home, decoration the rest of the house for a cohesive and beautiful design is easy. From walls to accents and decorations, every detail can be highlighted to provide a homely space for you and your family.

Here are a few of the top interior design trends for this winter:



Scandinavian Style

With a refreshing balance and clean lines, the Scandinavian style is becoming more popular this year. With the idea that less is more, you can have a simple design with the perfect furniture pieces. Find inviting and comfortable pieces that you can place in each room, and pair them with warm throws and lovely cushions. Your home will become a haven!


Inky Blue and Teal

Mixed with a beautiful copper shade, marble, or metallic tones, inky blue can provide a striking atmosphere in your home. In curtains or in cushions with other more subdued tones, this colour can truly be eye-catching. Similarly, teal can be very uplifting in any space. As it is a very versatile colour, you can pair it with warm wood tones or bright whites.


Geometric Touch

Geometric patterns can truly transform your living room. Complex patterns will give your home an interesting and timeless look, and you can also combine it with other colourful trends for a warm-looking home. Look for candle holders and lamps with geometric shapes in a copper tone – they will give your space the extra touch it needs.


Millennial Pink

Dubbed millennial pink for its soft and pretty shade, this colour has been growing in popularity and will be part of winter’s interior design trends. This colour can easily be paired up with cream colours and pastel blues, for a light and fun design for your home.


Emerald Green

With a nature-inspired interior design, emerald green is the perfect colour to both bring life to your home and to bring the outdoors indoors. With a deep emerald colour, you can add class and drama to any space, and lighter emerald tones provide a calming and serene room. You can utilise this colour in soft décor with items such as cushions, throws, and carpets.



Either in print or combined with geometric shapes, monochrome is a big trend coming up this winter season. You can go bold with stripes and patterns combined with white accessories, such as pillows and tables, which will create striking areas. To prevent the space to have a cold feel, add notes of copper in the design with decorations.

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