How to Ensure Your Fire is the Perfect Focal Point

There aren’t many people who don’t love curling up in front of a roaring fire when it’s dark and cold outside with a mug of something warm or a glass of wine, a good book and their favourite snacks. It’s like something out of the perfect rom-com Hollywood film, and certainly a bucket list dream for many.


A fireplace can be the perfect focal point in your home, bringing everyone together in one warm and social space. At Real Flame, we wouldn’t be without our fires. There’s something very earthy, natural and primal about having a fire that helps us to feel relaxed, centred and connected with the earth.

To make the most of your fireplace – as well as ensuring it is always lit – it’s good to consider how you can make it a key feature in your interior design. There are several things you can consider for optimising this.

Firstly, consider your fireplace and surround. This will have a large influence on how your fire feels. If you opt for a rustic wooden mantlepiece, this will have a very rugged, natural feel. A white marble surround, however, will feel very luxurious and high-end. A stone fireplace will have a contemporary, classic look to it. A polished wooden surround will bring depths of colour and natural warmth to a room and can be more affordable than stone.


Next, you might want to consider the colour or pattern of the wall behind the fire. A lot of people choose to have a feature wall to draw attention to their fireplace. Often, they will choose a colour or wallpaper that complements the reds and oranges of a burning fire, but that also contrasts nicely with their fire surround. This all depends on your personal taste. Mellow colours can add to the calming influence of a fire, while bright and bold colours can help your fireplace to truly pop as the focal point of the room.

You may also want to consider what you hang above it. Often this is either a mirror, television or artwork. If you hang a television, you will need to get an appropriate stand and ensure it doesn’t get too hot when the fire is lit. The same applies to paintings and mirrors, and you should check this with the manufacturer or artist before hanging. Once you have made your choice of what you want to hang, make sure it is central to the space and is the perfect distance from the top of the fireplace. A mirror can help to open up a room while a television can ensure everyone’s eyes are on your fire.

Many people also choose to add accessories to their fireplace to help turn it into a focal point. This includes candles, picture frames, a fire guard, statues, and trinket boxes. These can all help add character and personality to a room. 

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