How Your Garden Can Be the Perfect Place for Your Christmas Meal

Christmas is just around the corner, and we can look forward to a whole load of festivities at home. At Christmas time, your home becomes a welcome hub for family, food and drink. There’s nothing better than getting cosy, playing board games with friends and family and indulging in some Christmas treats.

Your Christmas dinner is a big deal and is a tradition to many families around the world – not just the UK. The roast turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and of course the much-loved (or hated) brussels sprouts are just some scrumptious parts of the family meal.

Where do you usually eat your Christmas dinner? Round the dining room table? On your laps while watching a festive movie?

While all these places seem like a safe choice, have you thought about dining outside this year?

Probably not, due to the obvious chill in the air. However, with the right company and warmth from a roaring outdoor fire, your Christmas meal can be one to remember for years to come. Let us explain why your garden could be the perfect place for your Christmas meal.

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Cosy Christmas Vibe

Christmas is a time to truly set the scene; a cosy and family orientated hub where you can talk, eat and maybe even have a tipple or two. What better way to set this scene than to get outside? You could get a Christmas tree; some twinkling fairy lights and of course an outdoor fire to make the setting extra cosy, and warm. While your living room or any other room may seem like the first place to enjoy mulled wine and Christmas cake, your garden can be even cosier, when you have the right heating equipment.

You’ll be cosier than ever in your garden, sat by the fire in your pyjamas after eating your overflown plate of Christmas goodies.

After Dinner Entertainment

Christmas doesn’t just consist of eating your meal. There’s usually lots of board games, laughs and maybe the odd game of charades. Your garden is the perfect spacious area to get everyone gathered together for a whole lot of laughs and cheer. You won’t have to worry about any mess, limited space, and you’ll all be extra warm with the company of an outdoor fire, setting a truly authentic scene.

Even if you decide that you and your family would prefer to dine inside this Christmas, your garden can be the perfect place to gather after you’ve eaten.

Space Saving Solution

One of the points that many people make at Christmas time, is that there’s just never enough space for the whole family. Christmas time is when the entire family gather together, which doesn’t happen very often. Grandpa, Grandma, all the family’s kids, nieces, nephews and maybe even the family dogs; which means you need as much space as possible.

A solution to this is to get outside to dine and celebrate!  All you need is a long enough table, plenty of emergency chairs and some decorative table wear. Once surrounded by the outdoor tree, lights and of course the outdoor fire you will have all the comfort and space you will need to create Christmas memories to last forever.


Christmas With Real Flame

With Real Flame’s range of contemporary, modern or rustic outdoor gas fires, you can create not just a practical space, but a cosy and inviting ambience. Whatever space you have available, you can look forward to a relaxing and peaceful evening in front of your outdoor gas fire at Christmas. They radiate warmth and are sure to be a crowd pleaser for this Christmas.

Wanting a unique Christmas meal this year, next year and many years to come? Simply get in touch with the team here at Real Flame who would be more than happy to discuss your Christmas wishes, and hopefully make them come true.

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