Outdoor Fireplaces: Spruce Up Your Garden for Spring

With spring in full swing and summer on the way, what better time to spruce up your garden than with a beautiful outdoor fireplace? With the weather getting warmer and nicer, spending quality time outside with family and friends is a fantastic idea! After all, your garden is the perfect place to host soirees and delicious barbecues where everyone can gather together to have a good time.

An outdoor fireplace is a great way to elevate the aesthetics of your garden and to create the perfect hub. But how can you use it to change your garden in time for the season and, of course, for summer? Below, you’ll find our ideas for incorporating an outdoor fire into your garden.

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Location, Location, Location

Perhaps the best way to start thinking about how to integrate a fire in your outdoor space is to consider where you will place it.

Should you make the fireplace the focal point of your garden? Or would you prefer to install it in a corner? Whatever your preferences, the location of your fire is incredibly important, as it can transform your outdoor space completely.

If you’re unsure about where to place the fire, consider the following: are you looking to create a space where you can gather with people and enjoy lazy afternoons together? Then maybe a central location is your best option, as it promotes a more social and interactive environment.

In addition, it may be worth thinking about whether you want to install your fireplace near or farther away from your house, as it can make a difference. For example, if the fire is placed farther away, it can become its own social gathering hub, separate from what is going on around the house.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Another important element to consider when choosing an outdoor fireplace to spruce up your garden is its aesthetic. Would you like the fire to match the décor of your home? Do you prefer a fireplace with a contemporary design or a more traditional look? Would you like your fireplace to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings or to ‘pop out’?

Considering these questions can help you to decide on the best fire for you!

The best way to ensure that your outdoor fireplace is the perfect match to the garden you envision is, of course, a bespoke installation. A tailored solution is a fantastic choice for anyone who wishes to ensure that their garden is not just in top shape for this season, but that it can meet your individual requirements, personality, and décor.


Size Must be Considered

How big should your fireplace be? This is a very important consideration but can be a complex one, as it may be challenging to make the right decision. Real Flame aims to help!

First of all, you may want to keep the dimensions of your garden in mind when choosing a fire, meaning that smaller gardens may better benefit from smaller fires. Likewise, larger fires can look great in larger outdoor spaces.

Of course, there is no steadfast rules. While smaller fires make more sense in the context of a garden with limited space, they can still look fantastic in a big space – it can depend on your layout and décor as well!

The purpose of the fire also plays a role when determining its size. If you’re planning on entertaining a fairly sizeable guest list, a larger fire may be more appropriate (and create more drama), while a smaller fireplace area can be cosy and intimate.

Think About the Type of Fire You Want

Choosing the right type of fireplace for you is important too! In order to prepare your garden for spring with the perfect fireplace, you need to know whether a gas fireplace may be the best solution for you or whether you would like an outdoor bioethanol fireplace?

Bioethanol fires can be the perfect addition to your garden, since they don’t produce smoke when burned (ideal to have it burning in the background as you entertain your guests, for example), and biofuel is made from biological products (such as sugar and starch) and give off a clean emission.

Bioethanol fireplaces don’t require a chimney or cleaning, and their innovative design offers a wonderful degree of heat you and your guests will be able to enjoy this season.

All of this means that these types of fires are stunning options for your outdoor space, be it a garden or a terrace – and are also great for a garden in a high-rise building!


Make Sure Your Fire is Not Out of Place

While adding an outdoor fireplace to your garden can be a stunningly dramatic statement and truly change the visual appeal of the space, it’s also crucial that the fireplace doesn’t feel out of place. After all, fires are large elements to add to a space and may end up appearing clunky if not done well or if not installed in the best location.

To prevent this and to ensure that your garden the ‘place to be’ this spring and upcoming summer season, why not also refurbish or renovate your outdoor space?

For example, you can add a patio or even a hardscape, so that your fire can look right at home; another option is to add a pergola or covered porch if you have a larger fireplace, as they can help to balance the size of the fire.


At Real Flame, we can help you to spruce up your garden with a stunning fireplace that will offer the perfect spot to relax, entertain people and simply enjoy the outdoors. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs with you – and help you achieve the garden you always wanted to have!

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