The Hallmarks of Luxury

A fireplace can be the height of modern comfort, both in the home and in a more communal environment. It is a sign that comfort, warmth and good feelings are at the heart of the space. In this effort, you want to ensure that the fireplace of your choice is as luxurious and amazing as it can possibly be.

How can you decipher run of the mill from luxury? What makes an item a source of pure luxury?



The definition of luxury is to have a product that is exclusive – something that no one else in the world has. It is something which inspires others, making them want to take your product as the example and emulate it for the same spectacular effect. It may become something that others have eventually, but only after the first person begins the trend in the first place for this luxury product. But, the first luxury product will always be controlled and still a limited product even if it is copied by others.



There is never a speck out of place when it comes to luxury products. Excellence and perfection are never conceded when it comes to the height of luxury, you are after all paying a premier price for a premier product. The craftsmanship, materials and high standard are therefore something that is never compromised upon. It is not something which any product can achieve instantly. Excellence comes from years of dedication, learning and growth in order to achieve and produce a luxury product that meets the high standards of those who desire it. This means that consistency is of high importance and something which you will receive in every instance.


Ivy Chelsea Restaurant - Real Flame Fireplace

The very nature of a luxury product is something that will stand the test of time. Something which, even a century from now, someone will be able to look back upon and see the quality with little effort. Though it may be the picture of the modern, there is a link to the past clearly defined within its lines. The impression that it leaves is eternal and can always be identified as something luxurious. It is not something plastic and vastly reproduced, instead you know that the exclusivity of the product is yours forever.

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